About Us

Baking has always been my passion. I can still remember those times when I used to buy ready to bake cake mixes, and using our old bread toaster to create my early home baked cakes, of which I proudly served to my family!

Years passed, and I continued to create those home made cakes, but this time around, no more bread toaster cakes! I bought a bigger oven to bake my cakes, but still it was mostly for my family and close friend’s consumption.

However, in 2015, I had a long leave from my office work as I had a new baby. With the time available to me, I was able to enroll in one of the baking classes here in Malaysia. With my passion ignited, I started to entertain orders from my friends. And on Jul. 9, 2015, I had my first “commercial” birthday cake!

And it continued from thereon!

– Lace